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Oolong Jinxuan



For more than 50 years in the north of Thailand on the mountain "Doi Phayapai" extraordinary green oolong teas have been produced, which equal or even surpass high-quality green Formosa jade oolongs. The basis for this are tea plants imported from the Taiwanese highlands, paired with the profound knowledge of Taiwanese teamakers, who have always accompanied cultivation and improve it year after year. We have selected a quality that impresses with its dark green, finely rolled leaf. After the infusion, a distinctive floral fragrance unfolds in the sparkling citrus-colored cup. The aromatic bouquet and the soft but distinctive sweetness accompany the taste buds long after the enjoyment of this truly masterful tea.


  2-3 minutes steeping time 

  75 ° - 80 ° C water temperature 

  4-5 heaped teaspoons / 1 liter

Oolong Jinxuan

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