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Herbal tea Blue-Blooded Green Miracle


Apple pieces, mountain blueberry leaves, mountain blackberry leaves, rose hip peel, orange peel, blackberry leaves, sweet blackberry leaves, lemon balm leaves, lemongrass, lemon peel, natural flavor, mallow flowers, blue clitoris flowers, blue cornflower flowers.


This herbal creation with hand-rolled Georgian mountain blueberry and mountain blackberry leaves, which are similar to orthodox tea specialties, is blue-blooded and noble. Large-flowered mallows and the mysterious Butterfly Pea Flower adorn her festive dress. This mixture also convinces in taste with blue-fruity blueberry and delicate violet nuances. We continue to get to the bottom of the secret of the cup color, which shines in emerald green instead of lapis lazuli butterfly pea blue. Until then, we'll explain it with the butterfly effect: small flower, big effect.

5-10 minutes steeping time

100 ° C water temperature

4-5 heaped teaspoons / 1 liter

Herbal tea Blue-Blooded Green Miracle

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