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Moringa eucalyptus roses


The wish for a quiet hour is fulfilled with this harmonious mixture. Enjoyable  sweetness  and especially digestible fennel seeds and fruity apple pieces are lovingly caressed by spicy ginger. Eucalyptus brings a pleasant  Freshness  in the mild round and is accompanied by rushing, green moringa leaves pleasantly herbaceous. Pure essential oils from fennel and eucalyptus round off the creation in a flattering way.


  5-10 minutes steeping time

  100 ° C water temperature

  4-5 heaped teaspoons / 1 liter



Moringa *, ginger *, eucalyptus *, apple *, fennel *, hibiscus *, rose petals *, eucalyptus oil *


* From controlled organic cultivation 


Moringa eucalyptus roses

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