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Nepal Jun Chiyabari BIO


We are pleased to be able to offer this extravagant organic picking! The success story began in 2000 when three tea lovers founded this fine, exclusive tea garden of 75 hectares in Eastern Nepal in order to produce, among other things, top quality semi-fermented tea in close cooperation with several small farmers. Serious competition to the oolongs from Darjeeling and Formosa, of which only a few batches, each weighing less than 100 kg net, are exported.

The tea leaves and their infusion are fragrant  intensive  after  Hay flowers,  the cast tastes good  complex, aromatic-fresh, slightly earthy  with a  delicately sweet seasoning.


  2-4 minutes steeping time

  100 ° C water temperature

  4-5 heaped teaspoons / 1 liter



Black tea*


* From controlled organic  Cultivation


Nepal Jun Chiyabari BIO

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