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Black tea Darjeeling- Lingia f.f. BIO


This tea comes from a small tea plantation on the border of Nepal, which, due to its high proportion of sinensis leaves, offers flowery and rather soft teas at altitudes of up to 1,848 m. The name Lingia is derived from the term Linge, which means "triangle of eight mountain peaks" in the Lepcha language. This garden was founded around 140 years ago. Our quality delights with its light golden cup and a small, medium-dark Sinensis leaf, interspersed with green tips. The taste is  soft and flowery,  with a slight bite, the scent  aromatic and round.


*From controlled organic cultivation.



  2-4 minutes steeping time 

  100 ° C water temperature 

  4-5 heaped teaspoons / 1 liter

Black tea Darjeeling- Lingia f.f. BIO

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